This site is intended for foreigners who want to learn french (FLE) and improve their level

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Speak French with confidence in the coming months

I offers courses for all levels in FLE (A1-B2):

  • via the Internet (Internet links to exercises strengthen and video courses by Skype). I adapt to your level and your needs (french general, to travel, live or work in a francophone environment)

  • My classes are naturally focused on the oral (listening and speaking), and some on writing. I only speak french for a better immersion in the language. I however have a good level of English and can help to translate from time to time

  • 45 min course live on skype with educational material supplies various, blogs, video etc.

  • Correction by mail of the exercises

  • Sending memos grammar and phonetics lessons by mail

  • CAT

  • The course of french by Skype takes place with a real trainer FLE, the screen uses table to note the new vocabulary or to view educational materials, articles, videos, drawings, etc.

  • Class virtual Google hangouts or other software

  • 4 maximum learners

  • A theme week

  • Educational support provided

  • Discussion with other learners

  • Active and playful method

  • Tips adapted by mail throughout the training

  • Activities to achieve autonomy

  • Virtual classroom of 1 h and 1 h in autonomy at home

3 – Rates

By skype or virtual classroom

8 lessons: 2x45min per week 12 lessons: 2x45min weekly 18 lessons: 2 x 45/week or +.

€120 180€ €270

Valid 1 month valid 2 months valid 3 months

Redemption of lessons after the end of the package to the unit: €12 the lesson.